Jakarta Medan Airplane: Flight schedule and prices for Super Air Jet flights to Kualanamu International Airport

INFOJATENGTERKINI.COM — Super Air Jet is one of the airlines serving the route from Jakarta (CGK) to Medan City (KNO). The airline offers direct flights with a travel time of 2 hours 20 minutes. The following is the Super Air Jet departure schedule from CGK to KNO:

At 05:45
11:45 am
All Super Air Jet flights are direct flights without transit, except for the first flight at 05:45, which has 1 transit and a longer travel time of 5 hours 40 minutes.

For passengers who wish to use Super Air Jet’s services, there are two class options: economy class and business class. In addition, the airline also offers iconic baggage facilities that can be selected by passengers.

For ticket prices, Super Air Jet offers varying prices depending on the departure schedule and class chosen. Ticket prices for economy class on Super Air Jet flights from CGK to KNO range from IDR 868,600 to IDR 954,100. As for the business class, the ticket price can be more expensive than the economy class price.

In addition, Super Air Jet also offers special promos and discounts for airline tickets, both through the official website and through the mobile application. Passengers can also contact Super Air Jet’s customer service to get more information about available promos and discounts.

For passengers who want to book Super Air Jet tickets, it can be done through the official Super Air Jet website, through travel agents, or through the mobile application. In choosing the desired departure schedule and class, be sure to pay attention to the departure and arrival times to avoid delays in your travel plans.

In conclusion, Super Air Jet is one of the airlines that can be an option for passengers who want to travel from Jakarta to Medan City. With its short travel time and facilities, Super Air Jet offers a comfortable and enjoyable flight experience for its passengers.


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